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The dating game

I have just had a flashback to the game show, Play Your Cards Right – if you’re of a certain age you will remember its simple format. Bid higher or lower and the closest match wins the prize. I haven’t been on Tinder but for me it kind of feels a bit like this, IContinue reading “The dating game”

Catastrophic Clashes

I find myself in very new territory at the moment, it is not only unfamiliar and so a bit uncomfortable but also challenging and a bit scary. I find I am second guessing myself and have no confidence in my actions and perhaps even my feelings too. So questioning everything and knowing nothing. Hard toContinue reading “Catastrophic Clashes”

memory, what memory?

Do you remember those few months after having a baby when your brain is absolutely nowhere to be found? If you haven’t had kids then you won’t know about this- and you’re not missing out on anything here- It is a nightmare. You have just got the biggest most stressful bit of responsibility that youContinue reading “memory, what memory?”

Mothers Day

When your kids are little you teach them certain values, and hopefully model them too. birthdays, christmas, festivals etc… how to treat people, those older than you, those younger, those you like and those not so much…. and I guess at some point you have to let go and eventually you might see the fruitsContinue reading “Mothers Day”

lose it or love it?

There are always things that send us over the edge aren’t there? And interestingly they are often so very different- I suspect that one reason why men say women are so confusing- but this isn’t just a female thing- everyone has limits and things that just drive them crazy. One thing for me is havingContinue reading “lose it or love it?”

Introducing Me

Every had the thought you’ve finally got a handle on life and you were in control? Well that’s not me- and certainly not what this blog is about. I’m nearly 50, and menopausal, have teenage kids, a stressful job and recently find myself single. Life couldn’t be anymore out of my control. I love eating,Continue reading “Introducing Me”

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