Fresh air and Chatter

I think it is true what people say about fresh air and the outdoors being good for ones soul. I have has a crazy week at work and my stress levels have been high as has my eye strain from over screen use and zooming- so when a friend suggested a walk today i jumped at the offer.

We didn’t go far, and we didn’t walk fast- but we absorbed in beautiful scenery and fresh fresh air into our lungs and I breathed in a way I haven’t done for some time. Deeply and consciously and without fear? I hadn’t noticed it until today- but I have been conscious of the air I breathe in the shops or around others, even with a mask on it is still in my mind- and i think as a result my breathing has been shallow.

It was wonderful today to breathe in deeply and freely. I long for that to become normal again.

The other ‘therapy’ I noticed today which was good- was the babble of chatter between us. Nothing important was said and nothing spectacular revealed and yet it was so wonderful and therapeutic just hanging out and babbling. Listening to one another, laughing and just talking nonsense. Just to have human ‘contact’ again with a close friend and share some time was grand.

I long for that to be normal again too. I miss my friends.

As challenging as this lockdown time has been, and it has been !! It perhaps has helped me to slow down, re-focus and appreciate the simple gifts that life brings, and so, I hope I remember that as restrictions ease and we edge back into some kind of new normal.

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